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About Indian Yoga School

Yoga in the Calm and Pious land of Rishikesh The path of Yoga is the easiest and effective way to streamline the function of mind, body, and soul with serenity. Apart from good health and physique, yoga also gives calmness in mind and soul too. From ancient times in India, Yoga helps in removing the negative energy out of the body providing a sin-free life. According to many yogis and saints of India, Postures of Yoga or Asana are an effective way to control many harmful diseases and energize the body.

As we all know, Yoga can be done anywhere whether inside the air-conditioned yoga studio or in the lap of nature. However, practicing yoga in the natural environment also increases the efficiency of yoga to the maximum extent. Especially, the non-polluted and the calm atmosphere always benefits yoga learners. Keeping this factor in mind, Indian Yoga School established the yoga school in Rishikesh, The heartland of Yoga. Rishikesh from the historic era is one of the major hotspots for the yogic all around the globe from the pre- historic era. The main reason for the center of attraction in Rishikesh by Yogis is Sky-high Himalayan Mountains, greenery all around and the divine presence of Maa Ganga. Indian Yoga School is one of the authentic and traditional yoga school in Rishikesh for the brightest yogic career. We firmly believe that the natural environment and yoga are interrelated to each other.

Indian Yoga School - A Pursuit to Yoga Learning

As the name "Indian Yoga School" suggests, this yoga school is one of the authentic yoga school in Rishikesh. The majestic mountain range of Himalayas, the natural atmosphere all around, and the free flowing pious river Ganga is sufficient to create a proper learning environment of yoga. Thus performing and learning yoga at Indian Yoga School is a mesmerizing experience for everyone. Our Yoga School believes in providing true and proper knowledge of yogic science so that one must use this science for staying healthy and positive. An ashram is the ancient Indian place of learning yoga. So, away from the busy, polluted, and fast life of cities, Indian Yoga School is imparting the best and true knowledge of Yoga for yoga freaks. We offer the best professional yoga course in Rishikesh certified by Yoga Alliance, USA.

Why Choose Indian Yoga School

We believe in a proper explanation of all segments of Yoga so that it is easy to remove the smallest possible doubt from the mind of our students. Indian Yoga School is one of the authentic and traditional yoga schools in Rishikesh. Some of the salient features of IYS are:-

  • Experienced and Qualified Yoga Teachers
  • Registered Yoga School
  • Friendly Learning Environment
  • Surroundings
  • Accommodation Facilities
  • Satvic food
  • Safety and Security

Our Teachers

Acharaya Yashpal - Ashtanga Flow


Yogi Yashpal Ji is one of the most sincere & natural teacher of ashtanga & vinyasa flow in vinyasa yoga ashram, yogi Yashpal ji has been practicing ashtanga & vinyasa flow for more than 4 years & teaching around the world, he has completed his master degree in yoga sciences as well as he is certified teacher, his teaching method is very simple & traditional as well as his classes are very informative at the same time light-hearted and lively.

Acharaya Ajay - Anatomy

Yogi Ajay Ji is the The Founder of Vinyasa Yoga Ashram and inspiration for all the yoga teachers. Ajay Ji believes that it is his dharma to guide the yoga enthusiasts so that they can reach their yogic goals to attain a peacful and healthy lifestyle.

Acharaya Parveen - Meditation

The highly qualified instructors at the VYA have a passion for sharing their unique knowledge with our students. Their extensive background experience in various yogic topics, allow our facility to fully support each student with a well-rounded curriculum that enables a complete education throughout their course. Instructors are available to assist our students on an intimate level whenever there is a need for further examination of a topic.

Acharaya Ashish - Vinyasa Flow

Yogi Ashish has been living with holy and saintly people since his childhood. He was brought up in a place where spirituality is the home atmosphere. He is an expert in Hatha, Kundalini, and Mudra yoga, and Mantra chanting. Yogi is currently pursuing a Master of Science Yoga Degree from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University in Haridwar.

Acharaya Bhavesh - Philosophy

Bhavesh attributes every aspect of his life to Lord Shiva and his Guru’s grace. He is certified by reputed institutions like Kaivalyadhama, Swami Rudradev Yoga Centre and Yoga Alliance with our 6+ years experience in teaching. He conducted sessions at large corporations like Tata Power, Reliance Group and Gujarat Maritime Board. Bhavesh teaches philosophy. He not only understands the subject matter, but lives it everyday thus imparting true knowledge to his students.

Acharaya Harminder - Yoga Therapy

Yogi Harmindra Ji is enthusiastic towards spreading knowledge with honor to yoga and other fields like motionless life disorder, posture imbalance, and physical therapy. Being registered as a 500 Registered Yoga Teacher(RYT),He is our Anatomy and Physiology Teacher. He has done Masters in Yoga from one of the most famous University called as Dev Sanskriti University, Haridwar near Rishikesh. He has experience in the various aspect of Yoga Therapy and Anatomy. Being a Rishikesh local, he has been practicing yoga since childhood and teaching for more than 6 years. He has always found the system and structure of the body captivating while doing pranayama and asanas. Yogi Harmindra Singh ji is devoted to sharing his knowledge with aspirants.

Acharaya Naveen - Asana Alignment

Yogi Naveen has done his graduation in mechanical engineering but his self-realization was not to be a right fit for the industrial job. He continued his passionate journey towards learning and getting his master degree in yoga. As a successful master degree of Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, he began his teaching journey at the birthplace of yoga – Rishikesh in 2015. Since then he has in-depth knowledge about Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga Primary Series. Naveen is a qualified lead instructor at RVYS Bali and he teaches vinyasa flow form of yoga which is very elastic and playful yoga. During YTTC Bali you will experience his teaching style varies from a gentle flow to a challenging intermediate class.

Food & Accommodation

Accommodation - Soul flourishes in healthy body in the same way our physical body requires healthy, safe and hygienic atmosphere. Indian Yoga School is situated at peaceful place and surrounded by lush green mountains and fields. Keeping in mind our rooms are designed according to yoga teacher training course. Our rooms are spacious and ventilated. Our management is always your service to keep your rooms clean and hygienic.


Yoga Hall


Food - Whatever we eat can effect our mental and physical body. Eating balanced and notorious food is very important for yogis . Yogic Diet is based on natural healing, rejuvenating and energizing elements from the revered science of Ayurveda. It is a perfect food for nourishing the mind, body and souls of budding yogis. So Indian Yoga School provides you yogic food which helps you physically in increasing your flexibility and stamina, mentally it helps you in being aware about your thoughts and breath. We are very adamant about bringing nutritious, vegan and gluten free food for our students.

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